PODCAST: Smita Sharma – Documentary photographer

In this episode I’m speaking to Smita Sharma – a Delhi-based photojournalist and visual storyteller reporting on critical human rights, gender, social justice and environmental issues – both in
India and throughout the Global South.

Smita is actively engaged in public speaking, victim advocacy and international public education, and her work has been exhibited and published globally, including at the UN Headquarters in New York. She recently published her first photo book We Cry In Silence documenting cross-border trafficking of underage girls in South Asia, published by FotoEvidence. Smita’s been organising a
campaign in the region aimed at educating and raising awareness amongst the communities most vulnerable to human trafficking.

We discuss all this and other steps Smita has done to maximise the impact her work, along with her motivation for doing what she does, her experiences with publications and organisations from the Global North, and much more.

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