PODCAST: Rebecca Conway – Documentary Photographer

PODCAST: Rebecca Conway - Documentary Photographer - Documentary Storytellers

In this first episode of the new Documentary Storytellers podcast,  I’m speaking to Rebecca Conway – a documentary photographer from the UK who won the Camille lepage prize at last year’s (2022) Visa pour L’Image photography festival in Perpignan, France. A few years ago Rebecca made the transition from picture editor and written-word journalist to photographer out of a desire to explore stories visually, and feeling a greater affinity with photography. She focuses a lot on the impact of conflict on people’s mental health, and what it means to live with the aftermath of war and  conflict. She also explores stories related to climate change – again with a human focus.

We talk about Rebecca’s journey to where she is now, the challenges and benefits of being a white western woman documenting life in Asia, the value of exploring long-term photography projects and embedding yourself somewhere, and much more.

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