PODCAST: Klaus Thymann – photographer and filmmaker

PODCAST: Klaus Thymann - photographer and filmmaker - Documentary Storytellers

As a documentary storyteller, Klaus has walked an unconventional path, developing a range of different skills along the way – not just photography and filmmaking – that allow him to create and manage multidisciplinary projects. Since 2008 he has achieved this in part through Project Pressure, an organisation he created with a focus on climate change.

Beyond Klaus’s evolution as a journalist and documentary storyteller, we discuss the issue of climate change and visual communication around the issue, as well as the language we use to discuss it. We also discuss how to engage the public on the outcomes of academic research related to the critical issues of our time, the need for us to go beyond simply documenting an issue, and play a more active role in helping create the change we want to see, the potential benefits of collaboration, and much, much more.

For anyone in Berlin at the moment, Klaus’s organisation Project Pressure has organised an exhibition at Kühlhaus Berlin from the 17th February to the 5th March, including work from Simon Norfolk and Noémie Goudal. There’s an opening night reception on the 17th and panel discussions on the 18th on visualising climate change. So, if you’re fortunate enough to be in Berlin right now, then be sure to check it out.

You can see Klaus’s work at klausthymann.com and his organisation, Project Pressure, at project-pressure.org



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