We are committed to promoting documentary photography and nurturing visual storytelling, but also wish to maintain a high standard in terms of the photography and storytelling. Therefore all submissions will be reviewed and assessed on their aesthetic and technical quality, as well as their documentary integrity and coherence in terms of the story being told.

Not all stories are therefore published but everything will be reviewed, and if unsuccessful, feedback will be provided to help you refine the work, and prepare it for re-submission.

How to Submit Work

You can submit as many photo essays as you wish.

Please resize the JPG images to 1920px along the longest side and 72dpi.

Please name the images sequentially using the following convention – firstname-lastname_project-name01.jpg, firstname-lastname_project-name02.jpg, etc – for example, lucy-piper_urban-utopia01.jpg, lucy-piper_urban-utopia02.jpg, etc.

On submitting your work we will endeavour to review within 72 hrs, however during busy periods it may take us a little longer than desired, so please be patient – we will review it as soon as we possibly can.

If the subject matter is suitable i.e documentary in nature and not purely photojournalistic, and the quality of your work is of a suitable standard, it will be published immediately after the review process. If it does not meet the criteria, you will be informed of the decision, and offered advice on how you can meet the necessary standards, and have the story published.

If you have any queries or issues, please contact [email protected]