People around Chittagong Railway Station

Like any other railway stations of Bangladesh, Chittagong Railway Station is not only a place for stopping & starting trains but also a shelter for a homeless people, marketplace for hawkers and even for some peoples a place for taking drugs and crime. This rail station is country’s second busiest railway station as Chittagong is the second largest city of the country and also the most important commercial hub. In this busy station some people find their shelter and livelihood.

Here people sleep near the railway line, even in the busy platform of the station. Some people has built slum around the rail line as their shelter. But people living in the station and around the station lead a miserable life. Most of them don’t know what to eat during next day, what to wear during cold season as they are living under the poverty line.

In this ongoing project I tried to portray the life that these people lead. I tried to focus on the roaming people around the station, most of them have no home, most of the roaming children have no parents or their parents do not take care of them and these children lead a very reckless childhood. These children are getting addicted to lethal drugs and within a very early stage of life get involved in crimes to manage money for drugs. Many drug dealers even use these children for trafficking drugs as well.

Beside these people the working people of the station have struggling life. Many railway workers, laborer do not have a better working condition. My project has covered them as well them as well.

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