Jondo is a photographic work based on the search of the sentiment “jondo” within contemporary Calé communities inheriting the flamenco practice. Jondo is a word that refers to a dark and broken singing, common in pioneers flamenco singers.

This kind of singing narrates the sorrows and miseries in Cale`s life during the origins of flamenco. Jondo also refers to a way to feel and understand the existence beyond the folk singing, sharing a melancholy and uncomplaining perspective of life.

Currently Calé people have been settled in Andalusia for three centuries and their lifestyle has changed. They are longer are migrants and they don’t suffer scorn from the inhabitants of Andalusia. They are fully integrated into Spanish society, for that reason Flamenco singing and perspective are said to be meaningless nowadays.

This work has been accomplished in the south of Andalusia, the actual flamenco birthplace, looking for the jondo sentiment in current Calé communities.