Cradled by the grave

by Ralph Piezas

The Carreta Cemetery, owned by the Church and built in 1906, is one of the oldest and biggest graveyards in Cebu City, Philippines. It houses not only the dead but also the living. It’s estimated over 15,000 corpses are buried here and almost 100 families consider this place as home, with both numbers increasing.

Kolbari kolnader

by Loez

Exploring the everyday experiences of the Kurdish population living along the Iran-Iraq border – focusing specifically on those people, the kolbars, who risk their lives transporting goods across the border.

Market Town : Tilney1 : Isolation

by Jim Mortram

Tilney1’s days, a reflection of the selected memories that play with constant repetition within his mind are day upon day the same. He wakes alone from a night spent alone after another day of solitude.

People around Chittagong Railway Station

by Kazi Riasat Alve

Like any other railway stations of Bangladesh, Chittagong Railway Station is not only a place for stopping & starting trains but also a shelter for a homeless people, marketplace for hawkers and even for some peoples a place for taking drugs and crime.

Life Under Construction

by Anik Rahman

24th April 2013, it was just like an another random day for all the Bangladeshi people. A day started with lots of pressure with work for the working people and so on for other people with their duty. But who knew that the next day will be the day of mourning for this date.


Jondo is a photographic work based on the search of the sentiment “jondo” within contemporary Calé communities inheriting the flamenco practice. Jondo is a word that refers to a dark and broken singing, common in pioneers flamenco singers.

Food Bank Britain

by Hannah Mornement

Over 350,000 people received three days’ emergency food from Trussell Trust foodbanks between April and September 2013, triple the numbers helped in the same period last year. The Trussell Trust says that UK food poverty is getting worse and the charity is calling for an inquiry into its causes and the consequent surge in foodbank usage.

The Story of an Eviction

by Cinzia D’Ambrosi

The UK has had a steady increase in the number of evictions since the year 2000 records. According to the Ministry of Justice 37,739 private and public sector tenants in 2013 saw their homes repossessed by court bailiffs.